CNC Machining

dynamic High volume parts setup

Quick model change sequence allows our production to adapt to the FMS. Utilising the innovative data gathering methods, we make accurate provisions in allow us to minimise machine downtime and wastage, hence, we are able to produce fast and competitive parts.

quality parts on every run

WINCO provides a comprehensive QMS that complies with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system performed by Bureau Veritas. A key aspect of our quality system is the ability to retain material traceability. This will ensure the parts we produced meets within our statistical tools during our inspection process.

COmmitment to the ENVIRONMENT

We are operating a EMS certified under ISO 14000 in which it identifies the environmental aspect from our activities and services within the defined scope of the management system. WINCO is continuously improving the environmental goals within our organisation.

High OUTPUT CAPABILITY using smart application resources AVAILABLE

In this competitive market which is ever so dynamic, we understand you will need a manufacturing partner that can produce parts around on an accelerated schedule. Our capabilities include high-speed 3, 4, 4.5 axis CNC machines with high RPM. Special purpose machines equipped with multi-spindles for low cycle time turn around.

Casting Machining Specialist

Over a long incorporated period of more than 30 years since 1991, we have a fair amount of experiences in machining, particularly in casting components. We have seen all kinds of low downs of a casting production from various foundries. From burr to shifting and even inconsistencies in sizes, we are confidently to be able to overcome such abnormalities in order not to compromise in deliveries, quality control and most importantly costing.